Nevada County Narrow Gauge

Online Archive of the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad

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Our good friend Herman Darr was inducted into the Narrow Gauge Hall of Fame at the 2011 National Narrow Gauge Convention. Congratulations Herman!

This is a site dedicated to the Nevada County Narrow Gauge railroad. It was located entirely in California. From it's connection with the SP in Colfax, through Grass Valley and terminating in Nevada City it was a 22 mile narrow gauge shortline with a rich history. Hauling timber & supplies in and gold out of Nevada County it served it's community well throughout it's life.

If you are a NCNG historian, modeler, or merely a fan, we hope you enjoy this site.

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There is a video out that has some NCNG footage - Sierra Shortlines Vol 2 DVD. NCNG starts at 1:38 into this preview.

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What scale do you model the Nevada County Narrow Gauge in?

´╗┐The last spike completing construction was driven in Nevada City on May 20, 1876.