Nevada County Narrow Gauge

Online Archive of the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad

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Locomotive Roster


Steam Locomotives

No. Type Weight Builder Date Built Notes
No. 14-4-042,000Baldwin1875Named "Grass Valley". Retired 1929, scrapped in 1936
No. 22-6-042,000Baldwin1875Named "Nevada". Retired and scrapped in 1936
No. 34-4-042,000Baldwin1877Retired after 1915 fire. Scrapped 1926
No. 40-6-0T30,000 Cooke1875From Carson & Tahoe Lumber & Fluming Co.. Scrapped shortly after purchase.
No. 52-6-046,000 Baldwin1875Named Tahoe
No. 62-6-042,000 Baldwin1880Scapped in 1936
No. 74-4-048,000 Baldwin 1881Scrapped in 1936
No. 82-8-094,000 Baldwin 1880Ex D&RG No. 42
No. 92-8-094,000 Baldwin 1914Sold to US Navy and scrapped in 1945.


Gas Mechanical Locomotives

No. Type Builder Notes
No. 100-4-0Fate-Root-HeathAcquired, wrecked and scrapped in 1936
No. 110-4-0WhitcombSold to Dulien Steel in 1942


Standard Gauge Locomotives

Type Builder Date Built Notes
2-Truck HeislerHeisler Mfg.1896Used in 1913-1914. Sold to Willamette Valley Lumber in 1914.
2-Truck ClimaxClimax Mfg.1910Used in 1913-1923. Sold to Grant-Friant Rock & Gravel Co.


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The railroad's nickname was Never Come, Never Go.