Nevada County Narrow Gauge

Online Archive of the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad

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NCNG YouTube Videos

There is very little known video of the NCNG. Here is a collection of videos from YouTube that relate to the NCNG.

Video about the Jennings Trestle.


Video of some recently discovered traces of the NCNG.


At 3:55 in the video you see the NCNG at Chicago Park followed by footage crossing the Bear river.

NCNG Museum.

A nice video tour of the NCNG museum in Nevada City.

Catenary Videos has NCNG footage on their Sierra Shortlines Vol 2 DVD.

NCNG starts at 1:38 into this preview.

Lived, Loved, Lost - The NCNGRR.

This is a great mini-documentary on the NCNG, well worth the time.

Rob on the Road: Nevada City Steam Engine

UP 844 in Colfax

When this video starts you can see a level gravel road to the right of 844. That is the NCNG roadbed in Colfax. The Colfax station seen later in the video was shared with the Southern Pacific.



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´╗┐MYTHBUSTER: The Bear River bridge was NOT built to standard gauge requirements.